Spend Today or Save for Tomorrow?        
  Many of us are caught between two extremes - we either feel we have to live it up while
  we're young or we have to save every penny to secure a happy and comfortable retirement.
  To help you balance these two money management habits, use this calculator to compare
  an amount you spend today to what it would be worth at retirement if you saved it instead.
  Current age          
  Retirement age          
  Years to retirement          
  Rate of return   %      
            Spend Today Save for Tomorrow *
  * This is what the amount in the Spend Today column will grow to if you invest it
  This calculator is for educational purposes only. You should not rely on the results as an indication
  of your financial needs and we recommend that you seek out your own legal, accounting, tax
  or professional advice. The deduction of advisory fees, brokerage or other commissions and any 
  other expenses that would have been paid may not be reflected in the calculation results.